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  • Added on: Mar 05 2014 02:26 PM
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Researchable Item List

Posted by duck on Mar 05 2014 02:26 PM

The following list is pretty detailed, showing which items need to be researched with which piece of equipment to create new objects. Please be aware that there may be some mistakes here (contact a mod if you can find any!). Also note that it really is more fun to find these yourself, so this list should really only be refereed to when you really must.


If there are multiple ways listed to research a particular item, you can use any combination listed here to get that item. The game will automatically prefer the combination that has the least machines required, if you have those machines of course.


There is no real order to this list, so use the Find utility of your browser to get the item info you want. Where more than one piece of research equipment is listed, you must use all of them at the same time for it to work. If you don't want to use this list, then why not try the "incentive" payments in ther research panel to help out.


Also, sometimes you might have to conduct an 'easier' research on a specific item (eg. Pharmacy Booth) before you can do the more 'complicated' ones.

Naturally, there are plenty of spoilers in this list!.


TO GET... USE... WITH... (AND)... (AND)... Schematics Station Antique Cannon Biotanks Laser AI Super Schematics Station Antique Cannon Biotanks Laser Greenhouse Schematics Station Antique Cannon Env. Chamber     Stock Exchange Watchdog Aztec Amulet Impact Stress Laser Env. Chamber Stock Exchange Watchdog Aztec Amulet Impact Stress Laser Greenhouse Stock Exchange Watchdog Aztec Amulet AI Super     Venus Man Trap Biochemist Trainer Env. Chamber Biotanks     Venus Man Trap Biochemist Trainer AI Super Centrifuge     Venus Man Trap Biochemist Trainer Greenhouse     Freak Ability Freezer Rack Biotanks Impact Stress Centrifuge Laser Trip Sensor Capacitator Giant Laser     Satan's Chimney Chalkboard Centrifuge     Control Station Chalkboard Giant Laser     Nuclear Generator Chalkboard Impact Stress     Disg. Weapons Rack Chameleon Cloth Laser     Disg. Cell Chameleon Cloth Biotanks     Dammed Damsel Chameleon Cloth AI Super Laser   Communications Array Code Breaker Impact Stress Centrifuge Env. Chamber Communications Array Code Breaker Impact Stress Centrifuge Greenhouse Communications Array Code Breaker AI Super Misdirection Trap Communications Array AI Super Centrifuge   Gold Enhancer Crown Jewels Centrifuge Biotanks Greenhouse Gold Enhancer Crown Jewels Centrifuge Biotanks AI Super Gold Enhancer Crown Jewels Env. Chamber     Radio Alert Station Diamond Impact Stress Laser Env. Chamber Radio Alert Station Diamond Impact Stress Laser AI Super Radio Alert Station Diamond Greenhouse     High Density Capacitator Disg. Generator Centrifuge Laser   Palmtree Launcher Trap Flamethrower Rack Greenhouse Laser   Gas Trap (Attention) Gas Hood (Loyalty) Biotanks Impact Stress   Gas Trap (Loyalty) Pharmacy Booth Biotanks     Gas Trap (Smarts) TV Studio Impact Stress     Gas Trap (Endurance) X Ray Impact Stress Centrifuge   Equipment Storage Heavy Machine Gun Range Impact Stress     Death Cubicle Holding Cell Centrifuge     Auto Surgeon Examination Table / Infirmary Chair Greenhouse Biotanks   Flamethrower Rack Jet Pack Biotanks Centrifuge Env. Chamber Flamethrower Rack Jet Pack Biotanks Centrifuge AI Super Flamethrower Rack Jet Pack Greenhouse Multimedia Educ. Zone Mercury Mirror Laser     Field Barrier Door Liquid Mirror Impact Stress     Saw Blades Trap Liquid Mirror Env. Chamber Impact Stress   Monkey-inna-Box Monkey Trap AI Super Biotanks   Charge Cannon Trap Nuclear Generator Impact Stress Centrifuge Laser Giant Magnet Trap Nuclear Generator Env. Chamber Centrifuge   Salad Bar Ice Man Biotanks     X Ray Ice Man Centrifuge     Cryo Chamber Ice Man Greenhouse Centrifuge   Auto Chef Ice Man Env. Chamber Biotanks   Examination Table / Infirmary Chair Pharmacy Booth Laser Biotanks   Pit Punisher Trap Pinball Impact Stress     Sentry Gun Pistol Rack Centrifuge     Centrifuge Power Plant Laser     Centrifuge Power Plant Impact Stress     Disg. Generator Power Plant Centrifuge     Flamethrower Rack Prometheus' Revenge Greenhouse     Venus Man Trap Quantum Phys. Trainer Centrifuge AI Super   Brainiac Machine Reading Table Biotanks     Bookshelves Reading Table Impact Stress     Dreadmill Trap Egg Chair Impact Stress Centrifuge Laser Pinball Roulette Laser     Bee Trap (All) Salad Bar Laser Biotanks   Prometheus' Revenge Trap Satan's Chimney Impact Stress Centrifuge Laser Laser Security Camera Centrifuge     Laser Security Camera Impact Stress     Zoom Lens Camera Security Camera Centrifuge     Arcade Security Desk Laser     Impact Stress Normal Door Laser     Impact Stress Normal Door Centrifuge     Heavy Door Normal Door Impact Stress     Disg. Outside Door Normal Door Biotanks     Disg. Sentry Gun Sentry Gun Laser Impact Stress   Widescreen TV Sonic Generator Impact Stress     Heavy Duty Tannoy Sonic Generator Centrifuge     Brain Washer Sonic Generator AI Super Impact Stress   Money Madness Trap Stock Watchdog Env. Chamber Laser   Multi Gym Table Tennis Impact Stress     Biotanks Multimedia Educ. Centrifuge Impact Stress Laser Egg Chair Multimedia Educ. Centrifuge Biotanks   Do Not Press Trap TV Studio Biotanks     Big Screen TV Studio Laser     Pirahna Trap Venus Man Trap Greenhouse Impact Stress   Motion Tracker Sensor Heavy Shooting Range Laser     Camoflauged Security Camera Zoom Lens Camera Centrifuge Biotanks


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