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Hello Members and Guests. Welcome to the Evil Genius Community, we are a fan run community for the original Evil Genius and its future titles Evil Genius Online and Evil Genius 2. As a guest you can read all topics/ ideas as much as you like. If you would like to take part in discussions its easy to join just fill in this form. If you would also like to keep updated with community news and events - join our newsletter here.

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Game Hints, Guides and Cheats

A comprehensive list of cheats and dev modes to give you the upper hand in the game and demo awaits - use at your own risk (especially the dev mode cheats). Consult the mod forum for more information. Not all these cheats have been tested.

Posted by duck on Mar 05 2014 02:23 PM

FULL GAME: Proper Cheats


To switch on cheat mode, type in "HUMANZEE" whilst in game. A graphic should appear to show it worked. You can then use the following cheats:


  • Ctrl + S: Set off explosion / airstirke
  • Ctrl + C: Add $100,000
  • Ctrl + A: Army of Darkness (one of every henchman and minion)
  • Ctrl + O: Give all items
  • Ctrl + M/N: Turn on/off Global Chaos
  • CTRL + T: Gives all traps

DEMO: "Dev Mode"


To switch on Dev Mode, hold down SHIFT + CTRL + ALT + D, and then the ~ key (or the one above your tab) to lower the console. Here you can type in these cheats:


  • Money [n]: Gives you $100,000 unless you specify another amount
  • GiveAll: Gives all items (note - most items are not in the game - this could crash the demo)
  • df_buildinstant: Build rooms instantly
  • df_buildinstantobjects: Build objects instantly
  • fireinthedisco: Set everyone on fire

The following cheats are used in dev mode but not with the console:

  • Ctrl + E: Set off explosion
  • Ctrl + M: Add minion
  • Ctrl + A: Summon agent
  • Ctrl + B: Summon plaything
  • Ctrl + G: God mode
  • CTRL + T: Trains up henchmen (mouse must be over henchman)
  • N: Move to day/night
  • R: Rain on/off
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