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  • Added on: Nov 20 2013 01:08 PM
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Patch Notes 12/11/2013

Posted by Ben on Nov 20 2013 01:08 PM
EGO Beta Release Notes

- 163274: [Social Elements] Community members list includes lots of people who are inactive 
- 163739: [General] Crash on attempting to craft TNT at the Chemical Desk 
- 163298: [Gameplay] Sleep Chamber won't take a second Minion 
- 163383: [Errors & Warnings] Accepting syndicate requests or gifts crashes the game. 
- 163386: [Social Elements] Clicking Accept All in the Inbox resulted in the game crashing
- 163298: [Gameplay] Sleep Chamber won't take a second Minion 
- 158182: [Sign Posted Events] A mission should unlock when the user builds a Recruitment Desk 
- 163225: [Missions & Objectives] New missions stopped appearing 
- 163326: [Errors & Warnings] Game crashes on loading screen. 
- 163339: [Gameplay] Second minion cannot be assigned to Command Centre to start assignment 
- 163307: [Social Elements] Inviting someone to your syndicate results in a crash 
- 163526: [User Interface] The game crashed when moving the cursor over the Inventory screen 
- 162035: [Edit Mode] Player loses control of props when moving cursor off screen 
- 163262: [Social Elements] Reduce the number of Post to Wall item requests by changing them to Ask Friends for help 
- 155069: [User Interface] Unconscious tooltip breaks on rollover 
- 163040: [Animation] Circuit Board isn't present on top of the Circuit Board Creator on refreshing the browser despite it still processing 
- 163213: [Gameplay] Extra lockers can be built whilst the Command Centre is being upgraded 
- 163133: [Database] Santa Sleigh is appearing in the Loot and is sellable 
- 163188: [User Interface] Inventory shouldn't close when you sell a piece of furniture 
- 161471: [Task - Code (Client)] Display Minion trait increase under Level Up text 
- 162802: [General] Game crashes when iPlayer is running 
- 158870: [Gameplay] Harvest thumbnail displayed, but assignment still active 
- 163081: [User Interface] Castle Crashing - Inconsistent use of colours for mission 
- 162182: [Task - Code (Client)] Doobers should be used to inform the user their minions have received an Obedience change (+/-) 
- 152641: [Task - Code (Client)] You've Accepted a Gift From.... screen 
- 162135: [Social Elements] Oops something went wrong when Inbox exceeds 99 items on a slow connection. 
- 162978: [Task - Art] Do a Padlock icon for Security 
- 163021: [Animation] Trash and body bags remain in their fully enlarged state if the player spams repeatedly clicking them 
- 162901: [Gameplay] Update to Minion traits 
- 163077: [Text & Localisation] Sleep Capsule description doesn't appear on the tooltip 
- 162839: [Social Elements] Crash when syndicate invites were sent to each other at a similar time. 
- 154514: [User Interface] Boost icon overlaps minions roster when first purchased 
- 162333: [Task - Code (Client)] Add a Specials tab to the Marketplace 
- 162865: [General] Software Machine screen is to the side of it when you go to place it to build. 
- 162995: [Marketplace] Canary Yellow paint icon doesn't look yellow 
- 163207: [Animation] Auto generating props don't animate at the start of the game 
- 162929: [Gameplay] On strike minions will build items which give positive obedience and go back on strike. 
- 163084: [Task - Code (Server)] Monologger timestamps seem to be on 12 hour time 
- 163051: [User Interface] Crate cursor remains present during rooms screen when clicking Excavate in prop placement mode 
- 163063: [Gameplay] Placing item from inventory turned object into box state, putting it back in and out skipped the build 
- 163092: [Missions & Objectives] Using Gems to finish clean up missions doesn't complete the mission. 
- 163088: [Gameplay] XP for a Level 5 minion goes above maximum value 
- 163059: [Minions] Unable to select Minion if task has been completed before he can reach the machine 
- 163054: [User Interface] This is your Television Speaking - Text is a little too close to Penny's head 
- 161453: [User Interface] Yellow tooltip font is not clear 
- 162976: [Minions] Able to place a build crate down on top of a minion using the Arcade Machine 
- 159101: [Missions & Objectives] Chemistry, Chemistry and more Chemistry 
- 162779: [Database] Not all props have Marketplace descriptions 
- 161756: [Graphics] Alpha maps not applied in the reflection of rotating discs on the Data Stealer 
- 162890: [Database] Reduce the Gold resell value of auto generated resources 
- 163015: [Text & Localisation] Dirty Laundry - Mission description states that "Minion is already busy doing nothing" before he's finished his tasks 
- 162956: [Lair & Environment] Live Wire resource description does not read correctly 
- 160311: [Task - Art] Create art assets for Egg Coffee table 
- 163013: [Missions & Objectives] Keeping Track of Things doesn't have Show Me buttons 
- 162056: [Gameplay] Minion becomes unresponsive when harvesting the Soda Machine. 
- 163006: [Text & Localisation] Dig Out Your Digs - Info text states to select "Build Rooms" when the option is to "Excavate"
- 163004: [Gameplay] The game crashes during harvesting, multiple times in a row. 
- 162985: [Social Elements] Message when posting Night Vision Binoculars resource to your Facebook wall does not read correctly 
- 162991: [Missions & Objectives] Safe as Houses mission refers to placing the bomb in your 'safe room' 
- 162969: [Inventory] Description for the 'Map' resource does not read correctly 
- 162899: [Database] Gold Producer requirements and harvests requires balancing 
- 162968: [Lair & Environment] Gold Producer requires two lots of Test Meters to upgrade it to level 2 
- 162937: [Database] Add additional assignments to the Burger Bar 
- 162777: [Database] Mess Hall obedience giving props needs balancing 
- 161745: [User Interface] Send and Complete buttons are overlapping on the Great Escape mission objective screen 
- 162438: [Task - Code (Client)] Add a Specials page in the Marketplace 
- 162327: [Missions & Objectives] Arcade Machine should unlock earlier 
- 162807: [Gameplay] Building a Pinball Table opened a mission, Selecting Show Me then closing it crashed the game 
- 159697: [User Interface] Visit syndicate member tooltip should show how many spies remaining 
- 162895: [Database] Upgrading the One Armed Bandit should reduce the time per harvest 
- 162932: [Social Elements] Upgrading the Circuit Board Creator to level 4 requires two 'post' resources 
- 162893: [Database] Upgrading the Chemical Vats should reduce the time per harvest 
- 162894: [Database] Upgrading the Snack Machine should reduce the time per harvest 
- 162896: [Database] Upgrading the Food Automat should reduce the time per harvest 
- 162897: [Database] Upgrading the Food Automat to level 2 should require more Data and Circuit Boards 
- 162850: [User Interface] Change minion counter to hired/max amount 
- 162898: [Database] Upgrading the Codex of Knowledge should reduce the time per harvest 
- 162768: [Gameplay] Rotating a prop when it can be harvested and then putting it back leaves the icon unattached. 
- 162170: [Gameplay] Minions don't always harvest leaving a grey harvest icon 
- 162783: [Database] Not all props have Social strings 
- 162414: [Task - Design] I didn't notice that the Marketplace was filtered 
- 162847: [User Interface] Description of filling tool needs to describe what it does 
- 162732: [User Interface] Organize room types (drop up menu) in alphabetical order 
- 162416: [Missions & Objectives] Chemistry lesson - first objective thumbnail is incorrect 
- 162667: [Missions & Objectives] A Splash of Colour - After Completing mission player is not awarded with Paint Stripper 
- 162887: [Missions & Objectives] A Splash of colour objective 1 has the wrong buttons 
- 162814: [Missions & Objectives] Break Time dialog text has a grammar error 
- 160173: [Social Elements] Max is included in the invite list when clicking the suggested player button on the social bar 
- 162858: [Task - Code (Client)] Optimise the search for non EGO player ID's to improve load on server 
- 161744: [User Interface] The payment screen appears before the thank you popup 
- 162781: [Database] Santa's Sleigh should be a Loot item and not decoration 
- 162778: [Missions & Objectives] "Something More Classy"? requires the Arty Chemistry Picture which is a premium item 
- 161559: [Task - Art] Create then implement a floor standing Punch Bowl

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