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  • Added on: Nov 07 2013 01:03 PM
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Patch 07/11/2013

Posted by Ben on Nov 07 2013 01:03 PM
EGO Beta Release Notes

- 163175: [Social Elements] Syndicate members not displaying in syndicate bar after accepting invites 
- 162205: [User Interface] Build Now puts the game into Edit Mode meaning you can't rotate. 
- 162492: [General] Crash on exiting through clicking on big Facebook button 
- 162692: [Database] No limit on Water Coolers 
- 162619: [User Interface] Repeatedly opening the 'Your minions are all busy!' will cause part of the graphic to disappear 
- 162696: [General] Stuck trying to upgrade 
- 162509: [Gameplay] Crash when upgrading the Hacking Station 
- 161016: [Gameplay] Minion hiring timer is incorrect after execution 
- 162158: [Errors & Warnings] ActionScript error when accessing messages while loading 
- 162824: [Functionality] The game crashed when running out of focus 
- 162513: [Database] Conference Table level 3 upgrade shouldn't use Inspired Blueprints as these are unlocked much later 
- 162510: [Gameplay] Assignment Complete Confirmation screen shows the wrong amount of Gems 
- 162114: [Social Elements] The timer on sending gifts from the 'Send a bribe' screen is only one hour 
- 162477: [Lair & Environment] After clearing junk, Vacuuming text remained on screen 
- 162552: [Minions] All your minions are busy pop-up appearing when I have enough free to perform a task 
- 162561: [Graphics] Software Piracy Machine is incorrectly displayed when placing it in your lair 
- 162818: [Gameplay] I have upgraded my Command Centre to level 2 but unable to build more lockers. 
- 156177: [Task - Code (Client)] Skipping to complete a mission causes Mission Complete text to not appear 
- 163060: [Gameplay] The game crashed when starting two Hacking Station assignments in quick succession

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