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Tech Lab is where its at.......

Posted by Ben , in Evil Genius Online Beta 01 November 2013 · 1,290 views

Most of your money generation is farm-vile style but XP comes from missions. Almost all missions so far that are not click "X", "X" amount of times have to do with items you craft in the tech lab. Because of this increasing need I have put my minions to work expanding the tech lab and getting more equipment.

Posted Image

Posted Image

As you can see my tech lab is well on the way to being top notch :)

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Giant brains in jars? Last time I played with those, they developed psychic powers, took control over the workforce, and began a mad quest for world domination.


I was so proud.


Ya know, before I exterminated them for daring to turn against me. Here's hoping yours are just as good!

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does anything happen with the chalk board? 

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@duck Not that I have seen so far, they are just there to give buffs. I have seen minions playing with pinball machine :) 

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