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#636 Number of Agents

Posted by Dr. Mengele on 08 October 2013 - 04:20 AM

I did play on hard difficulty. It's not about how hard it is to dispatch a group of agents, it's about how tedious, repetitive and, ultimately, boring the mechanics of the game was. Even of hard difficulty agents are expendable, just more resilent. But in the end, player are bogged in the same repetitive pattern of dealing with groups of agents, which remains the same until the end.

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#624 Guard Post

Posted by Nymous on 07 October 2013 - 07:27 PM

The way I see it, a guard post is there to prevent agents sneaking through your doors when a minion opens them, but they must still be able to get past somehow (so it's not OP). Your guardpost works fine for preventing access to a control room or your inner sanctum, or basically just being outside something, but I don't know how well it would work in, say, your standard corridor, especially if someone stacks up 8 in a row. Then, depending on the size of the enemy squad, they'd only get so far before being stuck and it would be too powerful. Additionally, there has to be some way (besides disguise) for agents to get through without just shooting your guards.


My vision of something like this would be a 1x2 building with a couple of small metal barriers on the 2 side facing away from the door and a chair behind it on the top. The guard sits on the top chair, and at higher levels the second guard stands at the ready on the bottom. Ex:



      |C D





(the acutal distance between the Walls is 2, but I use four lines to illustrate better)


To prevent running out of space for people to fit through, and since most squads of agents and can fit in a 2x2 area, there should be at least a 2x2 free squares in front of a guardpost. Thus, in a 6x2 corridor you could have door, guardpost, empty empty, guardpost door, but not just 1 empty 2x1 space (which would could be problematic for pathing). Additionally, the metal barriers should only take up (at most) half the corridor space.


1. If agents come from the right, they just hack the door and walk through, or sneak through if a minion passes through while they're hacking, guards are supposed to prevent people going in, not out. (useful for agents 'attempting to escape' with the blue ring, you can just let them walk out)

1A. It is possible to have guard posts on both sides of a door.


2. If agents come from the left, and the security post is at level 1 or 2, they argue with the guard, taking the place of hacking. Minions can walk past, but the agents can't. Eventually, the agent will convince the guard to let him through (alternately, after a while high level agents will perform a judo chop and knock the minion out, but not kill him, then push a button and open the door. Agents will automatically do this if a disguised agent is detected while they are talking, which also prevents the disguised minion from being tagged.), but he will not walk through if a minion does. If there are no guards, the agents just hack the door and possibly walk through if a minion does (like what we have now).


3. If agents come from the left, and the security post is at level 3, they will argue with the first guard, taking place of hacking. Minions will walk up and be slowed down by the second guard, before allowed through, but agents won't walk through with them. Eventually, the agent will convince the guard to let him through (alternately, after a while high level agents will perform a judo chop on the first guard, followed by a roundhouse kick to the second, kicking them out but not killing them, then push a button and open the door. Agents will automatically do this if a disguised agent is detected while they are talking, which also prevents the disguised agent from being tagged.), but he will not walk through if a minion does. If there are no guards, the agent just hacks the door and possibly walks through if a minion does.


4. If agents come from the left, and the security post is at level 4, they will be automatically tagged for capture. If the guards are killed, the agents will attempt to hack the door like normal, and may run through if a minion passes through. Minions will be allowed through if they are going to work, but otherwise are not (this would be the setting you want outside your prison, power plant, or freezer, so minions don't just wander in).


5. If a disguised agent comes from the right, he may be caught if there are guards, otherwise he walks through.


Side note: Guard posts override the security level of a door from that side, so if you have a level 3 door and a level 1 security post, it will only have level 1 security on one side, but level 3 on the other, so your minions may get stuck inside. Also, the amount of time a guard takes to be convinced to open the door may be linked to his smarts, and arguing with him could be a psychological attack reducing it, which would be divided between both guards at level 3 or 4. The amount of time it takes before an agent just kung-fu's your minions should not be dynamic, they just do it after x seconds. If the agents have heat, they just shoot your guards and open the door instead of arguing.


A possibly researchable upgrade to this is a force-field door (standard 1x2). Which does the same thing except it's a force field. Instead of security checks at high level it scans with a sci-fi laser grid. This uses standard door security protocol (only yourself and ordered henchmen at level 3 and 4), and agents just hack the door regularly (or use some strange gadget to shut the force-field off). This may have a guardpost attached to it. If it does, the guardpost will open the door if convinced to open it, but if the guards are knocked out, the door will not be gadgeted open except possibly by a super agent. This combo at low level increases the chance that a disguised agent will be found (effectively a second chance since the guard glances and the door does a light scan. Additionally, agents with heat will not shoot the guards to open this door if there is no guardpost, they will just try to use their gadget to open it.

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#605 Multiple Levels or Multiple Lairs?

Posted by Hands Montgomery on 07 October 2013 - 04:12 PM

I would agree that managing multiple islands at the same time could be an overwhelming experience, the notification system for events would have to be complex 


where as with multiple levels it wouldn't be as bad, there are some tycoon style games that already have it. Casino empire was one. 


Not played Casino Empire, but does it allow the player to create their own casino, or simply fill pre-built areas with objects? Also, does it have any AI that actively destroys content/progress created by the player (i.e. smash up a craps table)?  Also, are the levels physically on top of each other, or just the impression that they go 'upstairs' when in fact the game just keeps expanding outward?


The reason I ask is that when we talk about layers/levels we are thinking about physically placing them on top of each other, and not just height variation on a single layer.  Think of it as floors in a hotel.  Given this, we'd like to know how you guys think changing between lair locations would be different to changing between levels in a single lair, given that you can't see multiple layers at once.


I'm not sure if we are over thinking what you all want, and you just want a single layer with 'height' variation?  Also, 'multiple' could just mean '2' and not necessarily 10+, some managing small numbers of lairs/layers might play better than lots.



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#577 Vehicles

Posted by Dr. Mengele on 07 October 2013 - 08:13 AM

Electrocars and minihaulers will do just fine for transportation within the lair


One thing I'd like to see with transportation is a mini-railway. Something that may stretch through your base to speed up minion and cargo movement

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#556 The American Shut Down

Posted by duck on 05 October 2013 - 10:23 PM

A similar thing happened to Australia in the 70s but the Queen dismissed and replaced the Prime Minister a new budget was approved to start government operations and then the Queen proceeded to dismiss the entire Australian Parliament and the people elected a new one - its not happened since. 


Maybe some people need to lose their jobs 

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#520 Multiple Levels or Multiple Lairs?

Posted by Nymous on 02 October 2013 - 10:48 PM

If I am forced to choose between one or the other, and I can't just have someone killed or paid off to get both, or get one and steal someone elses, or kidnap someone important and random them, or just break the laws of time and space in order to reshape the universe to my will and have them anyway, then (in this theoretical fairyland :rolleyes:) I would prefer levels. Both for the creativity they provide, and the probability that an expansion to the universe created later adding spare lairs would be easier to get away with.

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#517 Favourite Henchmen?

Posted by Nymous on 02 October 2013 - 09:41 PM

While I've always been a fan of overkill (usually a ninja who takes one strike and slices his enemy in half :ph34r:) my vote goes to the manipulator, Montezuma .


The ability to confuse agents then force them to depart with mind fog is easily the best ability by my count. Everyone can kill things, but it's much less hassle if I don't have to clean up so many bodies. And If I lose a few extra minions around the globe for some peace and quiet at home, well it's not like there's any shortage, is there?

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#484 Welcome To Evil Genius Community: Nymous

Posted by Nymous on 30 September 2013 - 10:12 PM

Greetings, I am...


...heh, well, anyway: you can call me Nymous. I'm not going to give you my real name, or even one of the convincing fakes I use often, I prefer to remain untraceable. So, little bit about myself: I [crash] landed on this world when my trans-dimensional beacon malfunctioned on February 31st, 1945 in the middle of Nazi Germany, the last true Evil Empire in the west .


No, America does not count <_<, It's just a puppet regime for the corporations. No, the corporations don't count either :angry:, Yes they're evil but they're not an empire, they're just crude businesses . No appreciation for the finer things in life, traps, merciless executions of incompetent subordinates, and the only secret island fortress's they ever built were private resorts. I mean come on, they spend more on their lawyers then their private militaries.


Anyway, my arrival caused ripples in the fabric of the space time continuum (as well as a rather large hole, but don't worry about that). As you don't know, the [in]famous german scientist sir Tanic von SchlechteStadt was working on his experiments with temporal annihilation. His ultimate goal was to destroy the future of time itself, then recreate it for the Germans only, allowing them dominion over the world. I may have, slightly, destabilized his experiment causing the destruction of himself, all his research, and saving most of time :mellow:. I say most because it used to be that every month was 5 weeks, with 420 days in a year. I mean, come on, what idiot would have given us 365.25 days a year with months varying between 31 to 29 days and a spare day every four years :huh:. That's also why people live longer these days and yet everyone still seems to be in a hurry, temporal compression and whatnot -_-.


I should mention at this juncture that I am not, in point of fact, naturally evil. Genius certainly B), but not evil. I am a being of balance, good and evil in equal measure. Unfortunately, saving a good portion of time, billions of lives, and most of the world from destruction was, alas, a good deed. And a big one at that. So now I must go the other way to bring myself back to the center.


After some consideration, I decided to not take the quick and easy path of destroying the world myself, thus undoing my deeds (yay for all of you :lol:) and instead work towards an eviler tomorrow. So I set the Russians on the path of socialism and froze myself for a few decades. As they seem to have failed miserably in conquering or destroying the planet, it appears I have to find some new pawns. Enter you.


Before I came to this world I spent a good portion of my time conquering a relatively large chunk of the multiverse (as the multiverse is, in fact, infinite, size is always relative and I claim it is a large chunk because it is far bigger than anyone else's ^_^). This has given me a large breadth of knowledge that I shall share with you when and If I feel it is appropriate for my goals.


:ph34r: - It is also entirely possible that this will be the last you see or hear from me, and that I will simply be content to watch from the shadows as the world unfolds to my design. Or maybe I'll get bored and reconsider the whole 'not destroy the world' plan. Who knows what tomorrow may bring?


...Besides myself of course ;).


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#439 Guard Post

Posted by Tjimsitt on 25 September 2013 - 12:29 PM

New Item: Guard Post.  I'm sure we've all got tired of agents slipping in with our minions into our otherwise well concealed base.  Rather than having a door guarded when it's at security level 4.  Purchase a 'Guard Post' (1x1 wall item, sort of like a timeclock, but can only be placed next to a door).  Military Minions will stand on the side of the door the Guard post is on, and 'check ID's' of minions (slow down minions slightly in the name of better security) before opening the door.  Depending on the Security Level of the post (1-4, like the doors).  At lower levels the guards will simply turn away non hostile agents, higher levels they will be armed and stop minions as well before allowing them to proceed.  Possibility of adding in Agents that disguise themselves as minions to get past lower level security.  And of course if the Agents turn hostile they will attack.


Level 1: (Employees only please!) 1 Guard who won't arm himself (Unless the Security Rainbow is Green or higher).  Only stops agents and Tourists from entering the room, does not stop minions (or disguised agents).  Only stops one agent at a time and turns them away, tourists (who aren't panicked) will exit the room back to the outside as if escorted by a valet.


Level 2: (Employees ONLY!) 2 Guards who wont arm themselves, (dependent upon the security level)  Turns Agents and Tourists away, won't stop minions (small chance to stop disgused Agents).  Can stop up to two agents at a time.  Minions flash their IDs as they pass.  Guards with low attention may miss a disguised agent's ID.


Level 3: (Authorized Personnel Only.)  2 Armed guards (regardless of security level)  Will stop both Minions and Agents to Check IDs thoroughly before letting them pass.  Henchmen and the Evil Genius will not be stopped.  Disguised Agents will be capture tagged.


Level 4: (VIPs Only!)  2 Armed Guards (regardless of security level) Will only allow The Evil Genius, Henchmen, Minions working in the room (no loitering, ID check) or Mission Critical NPCs (such as the Crime Bosses or the rouge scientist)(after an ID check) pass.  Minions not working in the room and agents will be turned away.  Disguised Agents will be capture tagged.


From: General Ikaika

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#426 The what would you like your minions to do thread

Posted by Dr. Mengele on 25 September 2013 - 06:56 AM

The one thing they never done is patrolling...in pairs. It's your base and you had no guards standing on security posts along corridors, no partols, no regular room checking. Idle workers should partol the corridors.

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#370 Multiple Levels or Multiple Lairs?

Posted by Hands Montgomery on 23 September 2013 - 08:20 AM

If you mean more than one island base active at the same time, then I would vote with multiple levels.  I like to keep an eye on the base, while multi levels might make that a little harder, the only way I see mutli islands working is with loading screens, or if it's one 'large' map forming an island chain.


For Multilevel bases:

I would have 3 levels max.  Ground level, then depending on the island island's terrain, like say if the mountain is high, one level above, and a level bellow.  If the mountain is 'low' like island 1 then 2 sub levels bellow ground level.  The trade offs would be an island with a mountain would have less build space on the upper level, but the lower level would be able to build up to the cliff side (would also be the place to put other features like sub pens or hidden docks).

There should be certain rooms that are/can be multilevel as well, for example the rocket pad on Island 2.

Would also make it more expensive to build on the other levels then the ground floor as a trade off.  That way you don't have a large corridor maze on ground level to make agents give up and have the rest of the base packed in the upper and lower floors.

Think the means of getting to the other levels (for minions) should vary too.  For multilevel rooms, catwalks (like the rocket bay) can act as a shortcut (so long as it doesn't interfere with any multilevel objects, 2 story tall generators as an example).  From the catwalks you could have either staircases or ladders so minions could get up to the catwalks or down into the room.  Elevators/lifts come as another idea, holding up to 5 minions/agents at a time.  Ramped corridors might be a bit complicated but stairwells would be a compact means of allowing minions access/egress.


Just to clarify, having more than one lair active at any time (e.g. jungle lair and an island lair), or a single lair with more than one layer (e.g. ground floor, basement).

Also, given the flow of the game, we would not implement either if there was a noticeable loading time when switching between them (which we do not envision at the moment for either choice).

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#366 Evil Genuis/Avatar

Posted by Dr. Mengele on 23 September 2013 - 06:04 AM

There also should be a "Weakness" option, because every canonical Evil Genius had one. Effects should be dependant of mechanics withing game.

  • Delusions of Grandeur
  • Quick to anger
  • Could fall in love with an enemy
  • Bullied in childhood
  • Coward
  • Reckless
  • Paranoid
  • Multiple Personality Disorder
  • Pompous

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#272 Favourite Henchmen?

Posted by Ben on 16 September 2013 - 09:53 AM

Would be cool if you could create your own :) 

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#205 Just Passed 200 Posts

Posted by Ben on 10 September 2013 - 04:17 PM

Hi All


Quick post to say site just passed 200 posts so big thanks to you all. 

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#1845 minion traits

Posted by Rhishisikk on 27 January 2014 - 10:25 PM

What about the ability to manually "re-shirt" minions?  A minion may have training/experience in both military and science, but only does the tasks of their current uniform (or maybe a loyalty check to change roles, for example to use a fire extinguisher or repair device).  This also means that people might have increased loyalty loss at tasks they're good at, or GAIN loyalty if assigned to a job they really like.  Maybe a rewards system (of course eating up resources we need elsewhere) that motivates minions to assume roles they normally wouldn't.


Or - maybe the uniforms ARE the reward, and they mock "mere" workers, raising their loyalty at the cost of worker loyalty?  AND I can see the inter-branch rivalry ping-pong matches.


And what if... attacked social minions with military training popped into military mode and fought back?  Or science minions needed experience as social or military minions in order to suggest certain researches?  What if each "advanced" minion required some training in another branch?


But as for traits themselves, I would like to see a system of "natural" traits we do not control AND a system of "trained" traits, perhaps unlocked and trained by social/psychological minions.  Maybe we have to make cultural choices that grant, enhance, forbid, or degrade certain traits.  Maybe we can only choose certain "corporate culture" types if we keep and maintain a certain number/percentage of minions with supporting traits.  OR maybe our evil culture is defined and changes as the traits/roles of the minions change.


But, if we allow "growing" minions into henchmen, I *ABSOLUTELY* support limiting the henchmen types by the traits of the minions advanced.  Also, I support the idea that specific henchmen train your minions in certain traits.  This begs the question of "How much efficiency in the field will you give up for a henchman that adds trait X to your trait pool?".

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#1736 Fighting Ring

Posted by EvTow on 03 December 2013 - 07:35 PM

I think a great torture device/new game mechanic would be a "fighting ring", something like the Dojo where Jet Chan faced a martial artist.The idea would be to face captured agents against your own minions or even better, force them to fight other alliance members.
There is also the possibility of having achievements, rewards or tournaments based on a more complex "fighting arena" mechanic, where there are minions/henchmen who progressively fight the agents depending on how good they are. Every minion type/rank and henchmen would have different fighting capabilities in the arena. The same for agents, depending on their skill (pathetic, poor, good exceptional, superagent) and type (saboteur, veteran, etc).
Maybe if an enemy fighter manages to defeat lots of types of minions and other agents (maybe even forced to fight it's own affiliation) it could slowly gain affinity for your evil organization and even turn to your side (new henchman!). The Evil Genius would act as a Ceasar of sorts in this gladiator context. 
Motivation for fighting could be forced and/or the promise of liberty (set him free in shark infested waters) should he win all the fights.
There is a big opportunity here for great and hilarious animations (fighting/humiliations/gloating/agent breaking down after being forced to fight his mate).
I bet the likes of Nymous or General Ikaika could expand on this idea much better than I ever could :)

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#1696 Split military minion class into two ?

Posted by duck on 26 November 2013 - 02:23 PM

What do you think about splitting the minion military class into two minion classes? 


Military and Security. 


Military have special minion types to take on acts of infamy. and fight soldiers of good.  

Security have special minion types to guard your evil base, deal with unruly minions and set traps. 


there could be some animosity between these minions types leading to interesting social dynamics within the base :o 


not going to go into much detail on my idea, want to see what you think first.... 

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#1685 Lets talk training.....

Posted by Dr. Robotussin on 22 November 2013 - 05:56 PM

I'd like it if the stats just didn't drain as much. I mean it makes sense that they drain durring training but specially for high level minions, even if you have all your loot buffing them while training, if they aren't at full stats then they aren't going to complete their training and to make it worse they have to start all the way over from square one. Even if something in the base goes down they have to start over too. I think they should make the training save so they don't have to start over each time they leave.


Other than that training doesn't really need to be changed in terms of the general aspect of what EG1 did.

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#254555 What I like/dislike about EG/EGO in regards to EG2

Posted by nzblustone on 26 June 2014 - 10:33 AM

I know some of these have been suggested by other people who thought of them before I visited here but I wanted to collect all my thoughts in one thread/post, if not for feedback but also for my own memory's sake :)


The Evil Genius:


I like that your evil genius is a usable unit during gameplay in EG. I really don't like that you don't have that presence in EGO.

I want to be able to do more actions during gameplay with my evil genius, but not too much, he is too important for menial tasks.


I also think that stock evil genius' like in EG doesn't feel right, as a game representation of the player a degree of customisation would be nice, these are the sort of things I think would be sufficient to allow a connection to your evil genius:

  • gender
  • bodytype (short and fat, tall and skinny or big and muscled)
  • head (which would come in a small range of ethnicities to allow for diversity)
  • clothes colour (several schemes or done in such a way that you can use a colour wheel and darkness slider to get it just right)




In EG2 I would love to see a combination of stock henchmen like those in EG as well as ones trained up from minions with the type of henchman they become being determined by the field of expertise they are in, they should need to be in the last tier of minion training to be able to become a henchman, but still keep a limit on the number of henchmen you can have.


I am not a fan of the magic/psychic type henchmen, I don't use them in EG and I wouldn't be interested in them if they featured in EG2.


In the next section I outline how I think minions should work, including using the same 3 fields as EG (Service, Combat, Science). Each of these could have 2 or 3 potential henchman outcomes:



(1) A ninja with guns (appearance like Deadpool or Deathstroke, armed to the teeth, heavy damage + stealth),

(2) Super-soldier (appearance like Rambo/Dirk Masters, armed to the teeth, heavy damage, almost unstoppable)

(3) Brute (massive, strong and lots of health but incredibly slow and unable to perform delicate henchman tasks)



(1) Mad scientist (appearance like Einstein, uses unusual weapons like shrink rays and freeze rays, has a skill to turn agents into freaks)

(2) Lunatic (appearance like The Joker, uses traditional weapons, tasers and toxic gases)

(3) Clone (a slightly altered clone of the evil genius, but expendable and with henchman abilities/actions)



(1) Super-spy (appearance like an evil James Bond/John Steele or Eli Barracuda)

(2) Manipulator (appearance like Lord Kane, mysterious in every way, provides bonuses when used in appropriate tasks/missions)





I like that in EG you have no direct control over your minions, it reinforces the feeling of an organisation where you are issuing orders from the top.

I like that in EGO your minions level up individually. I would like to see the indirect control of EG and the minion leveling of EGO, but keep the leveling small, perhaps just 3 levels with enough difference to make a minion that has survived for a long time, better than a fresh minion recruit. The level could reset to 1 when the minion trains to a new expertise so minions who have been at that expertise for longer are slightly better than new minions at that expertise.


I would like each level to have a slightly different appearance, most noticeable on the basic minions with their jumpsuit colour changing when the level up, or alternatively let us choose a predominant colour for each minion type (I personally modded my EG basic minions to wear blue).


Here is how I envision minion training in EG2 using 3 fields - Service, Science, Combat - like those in EG with many similarities:


COMBAT, first the minion trains to become a guard at tier 1 then specialises in either ranged or melee damage from tier 2 on.

Tier 1: Guard (light melee dmg and pistol for light ranged dmg, medium armor)

Tier 2 (ranged): Heavy Guard (shotgun for medium ranged damage, heavy armor)

Tier 2 (melee): Martial Artist (staff for medium melee damage, fast and agile)

Tier 3 (ranged): Marksman (precision rifle for high ranged damage, heavy armor + camo)

Tier 3 (melee): Ninja (two katana for high melee damage, fast and agile + stealth)


SCIENCE, just like in EG, I think this structure works well, with some minor function changes.

Tier 1: Technician (like the technician in EG this minion can perform repairs around your facility)

Tier 2: Scientist (can do repairs and use most laboratory equipment to research/interrogate)

Tier 3: Biochemist (can do all prior science functions but also experiments on captured agents to unlock research to improve minion/henchmen/genius' stats)

Tier 3: Quantum Physicist (can do repairs and most research but can also develop new equipment to unlock research that improves existing security items and minion/henchmen/genius' equipment and weapons)



Tier 1: Attendant (like a valet, looks after all the other minions when they pass out etc)

Tier 2 (legal): Lawyer (I saw someone else suggest this and I think its a brilliant idea, lawyers can cover tracks to reduce heat through manipulating each territories judicial system)

Tier 2 (deception): Con Artist (increases profit when stealing from countries)

Tier 3 (legal): Politician (able to be positioned in governments around the world to reduce heat and unlock missions in those countries for special rewards)

Tier 3 (deception): Double agent (able to be positioned in territory agencies to reduce the frequency of agents and unlock missions in those territories for special rewards)


Rooms/Base Building:


For starters we should be able to pick our own entrance location, I didn't like having to edit the map to remove the existing entrance in EG.


We should also be able to place rooms of only 1 width without tricking the building system, at least for corridors and rooms that touch other rooms (for instance we could build a single width barracks along the edge of an armory to essentially add lockers to our armory), this has been address in EGO and I hope it carries over to EG2.


I have also seen it suggested that we be able to build on multiple floors which I think is a brilliant idea and I see that it is implemented in EGO, though it would need to be done differently in EG2 because we want to be on an island not entirely underground in an unknown location (as it is in EGO). Perhaps building floors upwards in the mountain instead of further underground, except for special rooms like the rocket hanger, or a submarine bay.


More to come, but it is getting late, will add more tomorrow.

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#254539 Create your own or chose an Evil Persona?

Posted by Atrix_Tussand on 19 June 2014 - 09:18 AM

I think that it should be a mix of those. The pre-defined EG-es for so called quickstart and Create your Evil Genius. This part of creation of EG i seeit like....i cant help myself...Create a sim style.


You choosing a gender, a visual look (not too wide asortmant of editing) and the perks for the EG.


Perks should be puted into lvls or so to say we should have powerfull and less powerfull perks or trait or whatever you call it.


Here is an example



Less powerful ones:


Athletic - Your EG moves faster than usual


Inspireing - Your EG gives slightly bigger motivational and obidience boost. (yes, i think that motivation sholud be new stats for minions. they will work for you but that dosent mean that they are happy about it.)



The powerful or more powerful ones:


Guard dog - this litterary gives your EG a guard dog an animal loyal to the dieing breath. Dog is the fast and strong bodyguard that will intimidate minions and agents as well. He will also do a real bodyguard works. Attacking any agent who enter his range of view.


Genius - Your EG is so good at plotting that he instantly raises a chances for succesfull mission.


Shadow - When standing still on one spot your EG becomes somewhat transparent and invisible to the low level agents. He will however mantain his influence on nerby minion. (minion feel EG eyes on their back MUAHAHAHAHA)

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